Victoria-OS is a web-based ordering system that brings control, conformance and efficiency to the daily ordering process and provides you with a wealth of data on your buying activity.

Managing supplier codes

Victoria-OS has a database which maps all supplier codes to a single medicine. This ensures that if we receive any supplier code from your PMR system on an order we understand what the product is and then translate it to the correct code for your chosen supplier(s).

Managing out of stock items

Using a simple rule-based system you can configure Victoria-OS to route orders for products to your chosen wholesalers and define an unlimited cascade of wholesalers to use if the preferred wholesaler is out of stock.

Order analysis

Victoria-OS gives you comprehensive information on your buying activity and your suppliers ability to fulfil your orders. All data can be viewed either for individual pharmacies, groups of pharmacies or consolidated across the whole group.

What is Victoria-OS?

Victoria-OS is an online system for the real-time management of orders. Use Victoria-OS to set up your wholesalers and buying rules and then use any PMR system to order from Victoria-OS like it is any other supplier. Each line ordered from Victoria-OS will be routed to your preferred wholesaler, but if they are out of stock it will then automatically be cascaded to your second choice, then the third and so on. You can also perform substitutions, orders based on quantity, manage your own codes, send to your own custom suppliers or warehouse, manage unobtainable items and create repeat orders – Victoria-OS has the tools to fully manage your ordering process.

Who can benefit from Victoria-OS?

Buying groups

Buying groups can use Victoria-OS to become a Virtual Supplier. Members can place just one order against Victoria-OS knowing that each product on their order will be routed to the groups recommended wholesalers.

Pharmacy Groups

Negotiating and benefiting from deals with wholesalers can be problematic if you cannot guarantee the conformance of your branches when it comes to placing orders. Victoria-OS helps you achieve 100% conformance to your group’s chosen ordering rules saving time and expenditure at each branch.


Ordering often works well when you, or a chosen member of staff, are the sole person ordering; but what happens when the person that usually orders is away? With Victoria-OS you do not need to spend time training people in the fine art of ordering; once your buying rules have been set any order placed against Victoria-OS will always go to your chosen suppliers.

The benefits of using the Victoria-OS system


Buy right every time and drive down costs.
Control what your pharmacy orders: use substitution options to convert certain order lines to more preferable buying options or to ensure you don’t order a product just off license.
Get conformance across your business: ensure every order placed follows the same buying rules.
Save time: once your rules are set staff no longer need to spend time working out where to buy from.


Cascade order lines to alternative suppliers when out of stock.
Central buyer features allow you to order on a branch’s behalf or deal with unobtainables.
Product mapping gives the best chance of supply.
Set your buying rules from anywhere in the world and change them with instant effect.
Custom suppliers – you can even order from your own stock room/warehouse.


Provide detailed analysis of supplier performance with drill down to order line level.
Comprehensive reports can be exported and used to negotiate pricing based on orders placed over the previous month.
View your order history: get a complete overview of your organisation’s order profile.
View which products you purchase most, which are not available or look at the entire purchase history of any product line.

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