Frequently asked questions about iPoS

Yes. iPoS allows you to expand on the default set of profiles so that you can fine tune your user’s access to both the till and Administrator application.
Yes. Users of the Administrator application can be granted access to an extensive array of reports including the ability to drill down to transaction details.

Yes. iPoS has a Sales Audit function that makes it easy to search through previous sales.
Yes. iPoS can order direct from most suppliers electronically.
Yes. iPoS has a comprehensive promotions system that allows the user to set up all types of promotional deals as well as allowing the user to place various restrictions on those deals.

Yes. There are several card payment companies that we work with to provide these solutions.

Yes. The system can monitor stock, transfer stock between branches and there is a comprehensive stock take facility.

To a large degree yes. There are various features that you can turn on or off, the main screen also allows you to create an extensive array of custom keys to suit your needs. This customisation can be done for all tills, groups of tills or an individual till.
The till provides all the functions you require to trade from a store. The Administrator has all the functions to allow you to run an estate of stores. This makes security easier and the ability to administrate the system and run reports from any windows PC without the need to install a license or device drivers.

Built into the till software is a program we call iPoS Terminal. This allows you to carry on taking sales even if your broadband fails. It provides all the standard till functions you would get online for the normal sales cycle but does have some restrictions on the more back office functions available from the normal online till.

This is a difficult question to answer. If the service is 1MB or above and reliable then Yes. However, if the speed is less than 1MB then please speak to us. If the broadband service is unreliable (numerous drop-outs during the day) then regardless of the speed, we cannot recommend that you attempt to use our system in this environment.
Yes. We can run on hardware which supports our drivers.
We will try our best to diagnose hardware problems on our support line but we do not provide on-site hardware support ourselves. If you purchase our preferred hardware solution then this comes with on-site support from the hardware supplier.
No. All data collected on the tills is stored in the internet cloud. When your till is restored all data will be available to you.
The software is licensed on a per till basis. We do not charge for the Administrator program but we operate a far use policy with a general rule of a maximum of two instances of the administrator for each instance of a till license.
Yes we provide you access to C+D from both the till and the Administrator to allow you to add products and monitor pricing. The system can also be set to automatically “learn” new products from C+D when they are scanned.
Yes we have the AAH, Enterprise and Alliance’s product files available to be searched against.
No, the system is sold as a whole as we believe all the functions within the system can, should and will be used by all our clients whether that be fully or in part.
Yes you will. iPoS is a functionally rich piece of software and to make the most of it you must have training. We recommend 1 day’s administrator training before you begin to the person(s) that will be managing the system. Then on average 1 day per store for till training (store size dependent). Normally there may be 1 or more day’s additional training to administrator users when they wish to explore the more advanced areas of the system.