iPoS is a pharmacy point-of-sale system that enables you to manage your products, pricing, security, stock and suppliers. Get the control you expect, with real-time access to your data through our secure web-based platform.

Product file management

The iPoS system automatically learns new products from your suppliers and offers price comparisons to help you make informed decisions about your pricing. New products will be available to all pharmacies instantly; price changes can be made either in real time or scheduled to happen at a later date.

Stock and ordering

iPoS has a comprehensive stock control and product replenishment system allowing a number of re-order options to help to optimise stock levels. With our broadband ordering and goods receipt function you can electronically send orders to wholesalers such as Lexon, Alliance Healthcare, Phoenix, AAH and Enterprise and then easily book stock in when it arrives. Our comprehensive stock take function enables you to keep your stock figures up-to-date and with inter-branch transfer you can easily move stock between branches.

Customer accounts, loyalty and promotions

Account customers are an important part of retail for many pharmacies, our customer accounts function makes it easy for you to set up and for your customers to shop with you. With our customer loyalty function, you can create your own loyalty points scheme to reward your best customers and our comprehensive promotions feature enables you to run all manner of buy-one-get-one free and money off type promotions.

Financials and reporting

iPoS provides real-time reporting on financials, sales and stock either at pharmacy or group level with the ability to drill down to the original sale details. You can analyse sales, user activity, tax, promotions and stock movements from a comprehensive suite of reports as well as performing everyday tasks such as printing shelf edge labels or invoices and statements for customer accounts.

Where innovation fulfills expectation

The need for secure, reliable and flexible software with more services, better management and a low cost of ownership is greater now than ever. We are pleased to have encompassed all of these features with our latest release of iPoS

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iPoS overview

Full epos functionality including: touch screen interface and chip and pin integration.
Easy to use intuitive screens.
Highly configurable user access and security.
Centralised data gives you real-time control and reporting. All reports can be exported to pdf documents and Excel.
Data back-ups and upgrades to the latest version are managed for you.
Offline till function to ensure you keep trading in the event of internet failure.

Product file

Automatically learns new products from C+D and suppliers.
Price comparison against C+D/Supplier RRP.
Multi-store pricing options with scheduled updates.
Special offers, multi-buys and promotions.
Product prompts to display information and warnings.
Shelf edge label printing.

Stock management

Options to for re-order products taking sales and actual stock into account.
Broadband ordering and goods receipt.
Identify fast and slow moving products.
Inter-branch transfers to redistribute stock around your branches.
Highly configurable stock take functionality.

Financials and reporting

Report on Sales, Stock, User Activity, Best Sellers, Busy/Quiet times and much more.
Centrally view cash declarations made across multiple stores.
Manage customer accounts: invoicing, statements and account payments.
Petty cash.
Check supplier invoices against goods received.
Customer loyalty.

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